Twin Tube

Rubicon Express offers a twin tube shock absorber that provides all the great handling characteristics as our monotube shocks in a more affordable package. Don’t think these are an economy shock, because they are not! We have included every possible feature to insure that you will not find a better twin tube for any price. Shocks are tuned vehicle specific so you don’t have to worry about a generic shock killing the ride quality of your new suspension system. These shocks are recommended for installations when risk of denting or other impact is probable.


Part #Mounting Type TopMounting Type BottomShock TypeExtended LengthCompressed Length
RXT2210BStemLoopTwin Tube22.5113.82
RXT2410BLoopLoopTwin Tube24.5114.82
RXT2421BStemLoopTwin Tube24.4914.67
RXT2610BLoopLoopTwin Tube26.5115.82
RXT2611BStemLoopTwin Tube26.5115.69
RXT2810BLoopLoopTwin Tube28.5116.82
RXT2811BStemLoopTwin Tube28.4916.68
RXT3211BStemLoopTwin Tube31.9918.42