Super-Flex Short Arm

The LJ Super-Flex System is the ultimate suspension system for LJs running the factory short arm suspension. The Super-Flex suspension system combines superior flexibility and handling. Installing one will give your LJ the on and off-road performance you’ve been waiting for. The 4.5" LJ Super-Flex is a complete suspension system, featuring 8 new control arms, upper front and rear adjustable with our serviceable Super-Flex spherical ball joints, adjustable front track bar, replacement 4.5” lift springs, extended bump stops, longer front stainless steel brake lines, and Gen II sway bar disconnects. For LJ owners who want less lift than the 4.5” system at a more affordable price, look no further than the 3.5” Super-Flex system. Riding much like its slightly taller counterpart, this system improves upon the factory ride, while adding 3.5 inches of lift to augment flexibility and articulation. Plus, the 3.5” kit can always be upgraded to the 4.5” should you decide to change your mind in the future. The 4.5” system will allow the use of 33” tires, or up to 35” tires with proper bump stops. The 3.5” suspension will allow the use of 33” tires. Installing a SYE and CV driveshaft is recommended for the 3.5” and required for the 4.5”.
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