Economy Kit

The Rubicon Express economy suspension system is the perfect setup for those looking to gain a quick 2 inches of lift at a rock bottom price. Adding just 2” of lift will provide more clearance for larger tires and increase the flexibility of your Grand Cherokee’s suspension. This economy minded suspension system will maintain the renowned Grand Cherokee ride quality. The 2” Economy Kit is extremely simple to install, just fit the 1.75” spacers in place and install the new Rubicon Express twin tube shocks at each corner. Now your vehicle is ready to hit the trails! This suspension will allow the use of 30” tires.
  • Applications:

  • *Shocks listed are recommended mono-tubes and are sold separately unless otherwise specificed

Part #
RE80301993-1998ZJ Grand Cherokee2"Economy Kit kit w/ Twin Tube Shocksincinc30x9.508" W, 4.0-4.75" B.S.
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