ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokee Change Your Vehicle

Control Arms

Rubicon Express Control Arms are made from the best materials available, and are designed to withstand the harshest conditions.


Part #LocationTypeAxle EndFrame End
RE3700Front and Rear LowerShort ArmSuper-FlexSuper-Ride
RE3705Front and Rear LowerShort ArmSuper-RideSuper-Ride
RE3715Front and Rear LowerShort ArmSuper-FlexSuper-Ride
RE3720Front and Rear LowerShort ArmSuper-RideSuper-Ride
RE3780Front UpperShort ArmForkSuper-Flex
RE3783Rear UpperShort ArmSuper-FlexSuper-Ride
RE4000Driver Side Front LowerLong ArmSuper-RideSuper-Flex
RE4010Passenger Side Front LowerLong ArmSuper-RideSuper-Flex
RE4020Front UpperLong ArmForkSuper-Ride
RE4030Rear LowerLong ArmSuper-RideSuper-Flex
RE4040Rear UpperLong ArmSuper-FlexSuper-Flex