JK Wrangler Change Your Vehicle

Brake Lines

Our brake lines are as good as it gets and we build them to last. Features strong woven stainless steel outer shell that protects the rubber and Kevlar casing housing that encases the Tefl on inner hose. Mounting brackets included where necessary. Always properly bleed system after installation and verify that brake lines do not contact any moving part


Part #LocationLengthMaterial
RE1513Rear22"Stainless Steel
RE1515Rear18"Stainless Steel
RE1517Rear24"Stainless Steel
RE1530Front24"Stainless Steel
RE15301Front24"Stainless Steel
RE15302Front24"Stainless Steel
RE1540Rear20"Stainless Steel
RE1550Front22"Stainless Steel
RE1553Front20"Stainless Steel
RE1555Front28"Stainless Steel